Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Athletics Day 2015

Athletics 2015

On the 13th of november I was lying down on my bed sleeping and then I remembered its athletics. I rushed out of my bedroom and then ran down stairs. Then my mum made me weet-bix. I had weet-bix in my teeth so I had to brush my teeth. After that I went to put on my clothes then quickly drove to school.

I got to school I said bye to my mum then I rushed to the boy’s toilet to put on my house color shirt.It was blue Hine Moana all day!.When I finished putting my house shirt on I went into class I see some of my friends from my team put on tape.I wanted tape to uy7hj6 put on tape so I went to put tape on my-self. Finally athletics starting I couldn't wait to get get there.

We got there “wow theres alot of people here I said to myself”. we had to go in our lines I was in the year 5 boys.Mr Burt told us what color he was in his color was red.”let the athletics begin” I said to my friends. First we went went to relays first we sat on the wet grass and listened to Mrs Muilaumasealii instructing us then we started I was in the 3rd lane with Russell,me,Kaden,Ben and more I couldn't tell there names but we started.

“ready set go” Mrs Muliaumasealii said Russell ran he got to the second runner then we did it we came first “yay” I said. The end

Why do I think Hine Moana is the best     
We work together and we won it for 2015
What do you look forward next time?
I really hope I go to running 1rst next time I love running.

I also really look forward next time they can put another sport into it

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Polar bear FACTS

Taco Tuesday

TACO TUESDAY On tuesday the 200152 of October I got a train all the way to mexico for Taco Tuesday then I saw a guy with a bazooka then he shot down the ramp then one train was crooked it was not straight so I got my phone and the guy with the bazooka swapped as a barret sniper then he shot down my phone then I got a AWP sniper rifle then I aimed at him I shot and it went all the way to his head and then fell down and he was rolling down the cliff then I went out the window and asked a person's phone and then I called 111 for the police then they sent five helicopters and then saved all of us ENDScreen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.30.50 pm.png

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


In Wednesday 21th 2015 my teacher gave us egg friends he said we had to take care of them and give them a name I called my one Scrappy. Then Mr Baxendine told us to draw faces on them I drawed eyes,mouth,eyes,eyebrows,nose,hair and a shirt on them. Then Mr Baxendine told us to follow him around the but he also told us to be quite. Tt looks like we're going to the park and then when we got there Mr baxendine was holding a bag then I thought what was inside then we got there we had a egg race with my egg my egg was nervous. Mr Baxendine gave spoons to us then it was my turn Mr Baxendine told us to go over 4 things and go under 1 thing then he told to go I went over the first thing after that I came first and then Mr Baxendine told us to give it back but I Cracked it instead. Then Mr bax said we can keep it then I thought I shouldn't cracked I would of asked my mum if she could cook it.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


In the holidays I went to my cousins house. I couldn't wait because I was so excited. I went with my mum and my three little brothers. After a long drive we finally got there. I felt tired I tried to wake up my brothers but they were sleeping. So I rushed out of my car and fastly ran to my cousins door. Then went inside. I see my cousin playing videogames so I went to join him after that I played Black Ops 2 Campaign and my mum said it’s time to go so I asked my cousin can you ask your mum if you can come to my house? She said YES!. so we went home and finally were there me and my cousin played black ops 2 multiplayer 2 player. I was the first player he was the 2nd we added some bots on to it my gun was a FN scar with the silencer and my second one was the ballistic knife it’s my favorite 2 primary weapon and my cousin chose the sniper and a pistol then the map was Hijacked Team deathmatch then we played i was very good i keeped on killing the bots they were easy then i got the last killcam it was a very cool one it was when i killed someone with the ballistic knife and the combat axe then we played zombies it was fun after that we played 1 v 1 and the weapons that are allowed was a ballistic knife and a combat axe it was awesome i won they my cousins mum came to pick him up and i played Uncharted 3 multiplayer free to play the end. I enjoyed the part were played video games and i hope i could come back another day

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Bull chase

One day there was a bull and a man. and the bull chased the man the man was so scared he ranned the bull was behind him chasing and then the man saw water he thought that if he goes in there the bull would go away so he got close to the water and then he jumped in it but the bull stilled follow and then it attacked him

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Trade fair

On the 16th of August We had a trade fair  it was only for year 4s, 5s and year 6s. A trade fair mean that you trade stuff with pts a pt is pt england money we trade pts for stuff and we get in to business there are 6 business groups and there names were
Custom stationery, Musical instruments and more in was in the custom stationery.
We had to grab buddies I was with Germaine and Kaharau they were my buddies

our group teacher was Mr Goodwin he told us to think about what we gonna make
then we thought that we gonna custom stickers. We were about to  make emoji stickers
but I said to do Minecraft stickers then they agreed next week on friday we did a trade fair I was doing business and my buddy kaharau went to by only me and germaine we were doing business for only 15 minutes after that I went to by stuff I was walking around.

Then I saw a game i went all the way there  I asked “can I play”  he said 20 pc instead I gave him 1 pt he said “8 turns”  then he told me how to play he said “you have to try and get does 3 cans down and if you do you get in a draw to  win 2 waffles” then I threw the first time I only got 1 down I had another go and then I knocked down all of it

it was cool then I went to the rubber band gun it was free but you only get only one shot then I missed I only had 40 pc I looked for a designed one I went to by a drum by the boys it was 40 pc I said I want to buy it the end

Monday, 10 August 2015

The escape

Once there were 9  people I was one of them I was the the dude
with the red jacket he was on the side I was watching the the side so I can go under the
fast blade. But I was scared I think it's gonna cut me so I kept on running with the other people there were screaming like a girl so I kept on running and kept on running.And I tripped over I heard the sound of the plane getting closer and closer i tried to get up

but my leg was stuck on a big rock I pushed and pushed the other people didn’t help me I kept on pushing the rock I heard the plane getting very close I pushed it as hard. as I can and I pushed it but I couldn’t feel my leg because the rock was on it it I was running slow my leg was still hurting I ran and I ran and then I caught up then I fall down i grabed someone’s leg and he was angry. so he punched my hand  and he left me behind so I went to somewhere safe but the

plane was still chasing me so I only had 1 choice i had to go to the side and go under the planes blades so I did it I was scared but i stilled did it, I ran to the plane and I went under the blades it almost cut me so I just lay down on the ground and wait until it’s gone later it was gone I saw the plane chased after those people I laughed at them cause they were running funny than i runned away  

What did you like about the story
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Monday, 3 August 2015

Holiday higlight

In the holidays I went to my cousins fantastic house and it was awesome there me and my cousin played call o f duty black ops 2 we played team deathmatch and then it was a tie he won and I won after that 2 people joined in and then my cousin jonathan and me vs those 2 people one of there name is Dame and then we won I got the last shot. After that we ate cakes I ate the banana cakes it was a very delicious cake it was my favorite one.Then we play outside and we went to the skatepark on the scooter me and him was doing 3 tricks on the scooter then i got worried so we went home and ate some more food cause we was at the skatepark for long. Then I was playing roblox on his computer and he was playing on the playstation 3. after that me and him was playing zombie survival we were playing with 2 players we only survived 17 rounds it was scary. then we had dinner it was fish, potato, and vegetable and then i played FIFA 15 with my friend that i don’t know his name then we played touch on the streets

Seeds for birds

This is my Reading Activaty

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

About an inventor

We read about inventors. me and maree about lots of them. Here is what we found out about leonardo da Vinci

Friday, 19 June 2015

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tablemaster (week 7)

Today we were learning about 10 Time tables

A letter to Mum

WALT: make connections from texts to our own experiences write a letter to a family member       
I read a book about a dad writing letters to his kids. The dad was weird because he pretended to be a pirate, magician and comedian. He told his kids to call him Long John Silver.

This is my letter for my mum telling her what i'm gonna be when i grow up

Letter to mum

WALT:make connections from texts to our own experiences          -write a letter to a family member
In reading we were learning how to sent a letter to a family member

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Super Bikes

We have been reading about Superbikes. This is my advertisement selling rides on a superbike that i researched.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Man in space

This week we have been learning to rework our writing to make our paragraphs interesting for our audience. We started by writing a creative sentence about this picture. As a class we will choose Nate's sentence because we liked it the best and wrote a paragraph each to follow the chosen sentence. Here is the beginning of my story that starts with Nate's sentence.
A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milky way. The astronaut bravely walks into the milky way portal to save a bunch of people before they die inside the milky way portal the portal and he noticed something that the milky way portal took him to another planet but it was a weird planet “it is weird here here” said the astronaut When he got through the portal he was looking for the survivors he was tired so had to have a

rest… Later he was not tired so was searching to save the people he was searching no one appeared then he notice that he was going in a circle then he saw a door he was too scared to go inside.When he opened the door silently there was only 1 person. That person told him everyone else is on the moon there the astronaut
took the survivor to save the people they noticed that the milky way portal was closing the astronaut and the

survivor was jumping so they can make then they made “YES! we made it” said the survivor so both of them was bouncing all the way to his ship so they can save the people “3 2 1 lets go” said the astronaut when they launched on the moon the astronaut were searching for everybody they were still searching. The astronaut was hungry and grumpy because he was very tired so he went inside his ship so can have a long sleep he

asked the survivor if he can look for them then he said yes to the astronaut then the astronaut was happy and excited to sleep. 3 hours later the astronaut waked up and the survivor looked very tired then both of them was searching for minutes then they looked then they found them “yes we finally found them i can’t wait until i eat Mcdonalds” so the people followed the astronaut to his space ship the people was so happy that the astronaut saved them then the all made it back to earth the end.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Holiday highlights

On sunday morning I went down stairs my family was there when I looked outside there were heaps of easter eggs I WAS EXCITED! when my mum let me go me and my brothers went to look for some easter eggs there were heaps of easter eggs hidden.

Then I got two big easter eggs I went to look for some more then I found some little easter eggs.My little brothers was already eating but I still look for some more the was another big one under the flower I was lucky then keep and keep and keep on looking for some more big easter eggs then my brother finished eating then he went to look for some more easter eggs.

After that i was very hungry so I went inside then started eating one of the biggest egg I got it was DELICIOUS! then I started eating some more I had heaps of easter eggs 3 big eggs. and just 1 little egg I said to myself “I wish the had 100 big eggs” my favorite one was the biggest one then I went to look for only 1 more I was looking ages then only found 1 but it was not a big one it was littles ones but I didn't care I just went inside and ate it then i said to my brother “can I have some”? and he said yes.It was yum.

Then me and my little brothers went to watch televesion.My favorite part was when we went to look for some more the part that i did’nt like was the part when i got the little eggs and I hope i get heaps of big easter eggs next time when its easter .

Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp 2015

Last week I went to camp at school on Wednesday morning. It was amazing! I was in the Mata pono e group with Mrs Jacobsen. Our song for camp concert was Uptown Funk. That is my favorite song and were some more groups. There was the Commitments with Mr Somerville, The Honest Squad was with miss Lavakula, the all stars with Mrs Vaafusuaga and the real deals with Mr Goodwin First we did Rollerblading and Ping pong it was in the hall i did the rollerblading it was easy to ride then i played ping pong with lenard when i got bored i played basketball with simon after that we went to top town. But Mr Jacobsen calls it Killzone there were heaps of throwing water balloons and slingshot gumboot throw but i did not like that one after that we went to camp concert practice then we went to eat lunch it was a pizza bread after we had lunch we went to camp cooking the boys was with Saffron but the girls went to make cookies me, christian and william was cooking buddies. Safron put some flour in to our bowl and heaps of milk i was the first one to steer then we all shared steering after that Safron put some corns in it then we keeped on steering then i had a taste but it taste like flour then we cooked it miss told us to do our prayer first.When i finished i had a taste it was Delicious! then we tried some mussels i had only 1 when i tasted it it was little bit yuck! then we went to watch the lego movie after that we went to go sleep in to our tent i wasn’t tired so i stayed up for a little bit until i feel tired.My favorite part i enjoyed was the part when we went to kyayking and the part when we went to mangerne pool the part i did not injoyed was the kill zone and the amazing race and the one when we went cooking.I hope i can go to camp next year and i wish that camp never finished cause i like camp

Kaitiaki of the Stream- Tuna Box

We have been reading a story called Kaitiaki of the Stream. It is about keeping the Kaitiaki clean . This is my picture showing a contraption I designed to keep tuna fresh in the water until the family is ready to eat it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My best birthday

In my birthday i waked up and i went downstairs my mum and dad and my brothers they said surprised and i got  a strawberry cake for my birthday.It was my favorite flavor it was yum.

I got 2 presents it was a helicopter and a nerf gun i wanted a computer for my birthday but i got a helicopter and a nerf gun.After that we started eating the strawberry cake and we had chocolate muffins as well and we went to the kids fair.
It was my favorite place to go i went to the bouncy foot camp challenge i was very good at it and i gotta vs someone we came a tie every time cause  the belt was locked my friend was locked up with me and we came a time every time.

then we went to race on the  car race we needed some help so are family came with me it took aches then we went to mcdonalds and i fell asleep and i woke up then i got the mega mac then we went home i started eating my mega mac is was so dealicos

then after that i went to sleep My favorite part was playing the boot camp my the part that i did not enjoyed was eating the muffins


Monday, 23 February 2015

Use your wits

If you use your wits it can keep you far in life and it can keep you out of trouble.

first paragraph: Walk away mean if someone is annoying you you walk away once there was someone  annoying me and walked away and ignore it

second paragraph: ignore it someone is being mean to you you walk away some they can see you and ignore them and don’t listen to them

third paragraph:talk about it means if they follow you you talk about it and tell them you don’t like what there are doing once there was a boy and i talked about it

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Holiday highlight

In the holidays I went to mission bay beach my whole family went there for a swim after i had a swim i watched my mum and dad play volleyball for 1 hour. After that i eat chocolate muffin then we went to my cousins house when we got there i went  to play gta 5 on my cousin’s p

play station after that i played black ops zombies.
When it was night time i went home then went home  i was watching regular show on cartoon  network Then i went to sleep in the morning i went to go watch cartoons for a while after that we went to pak n save

after that we went home and i watch cartoons the whole day. i enjoyed about going to playing gta 5 with cousin i part that i did not enjoyed was watching my mum and dad play volleyball i feel happy were i went and i hope i go to my cousins house next holiday.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exercise Invesigation

In Room 9 and 10 we havebeen learning to do a stastical investigation. First we asked asked a question.then we worked out the answer and presented it in a graph.lasty we wrote about what we found out.I hope you enjoyed our investagation