Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My best birthday

In my birthday i waked up and i went downstairs my mum and dad and my brothers they said surprised and i got  a strawberry cake for my birthday.It was my favorite flavor it was yum.

I got 2 presents it was a helicopter and a nerf gun i wanted a computer for my birthday but i got a helicopter and a nerf gun.After that we started eating the strawberry cake and we had chocolate muffins as well and we went to the kids fair.
It was my favorite place to go i went to the bouncy foot camp challenge i was very good at it and i gotta vs someone we came a tie every time cause  the belt was locked my friend was locked up with me and we came a time every time.

then we went to race on the  car race we needed some help so are family came with me it took aches then we went to mcdonalds and i fell asleep and i woke up then i got the mega mac then we went home i started eating my mega mac is was so dealicos

then after that i went to sleep My favorite part was playing the boot camp my the part that i did not enjoyed was eating the muffins


Monday, 23 February 2015

Use your wits

If you use your wits it can keep you far in life and it can keep you out of trouble.

first paragraph: Walk away mean if someone is annoying you you walk away once there was someone  annoying me and walked away and ignore it

second paragraph: ignore it someone is being mean to you you walk away some they can see you and ignore them and don’t listen to them

third paragraph:talk about it means if they follow you you talk about it and tell them you don’t like what there are doing once there was a boy and i talked about it

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Holiday highlight

In the holidays I went to mission bay beach my whole family went there for a swim after i had a swim i watched my mum and dad play volleyball for 1 hour. After that i eat chocolate muffin then we went to my cousins house when we got there i went  to play gta 5 on my cousin’s p

play station after that i played black ops zombies.
When it was night time i went home then went home  i was watching regular show on cartoon  network Then i went to sleep in the morning i went to go watch cartoons for a while after that we went to pak n save

after that we went home and i watch cartoons the whole day. i enjoyed about going to playing gta 5 with cousin i part that i did not enjoyed was watching my mum and dad play volleyball i feel happy were i went and i hope i go to my cousins house next holiday.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Exercise Invesigation

In Room 9 and 10 we havebeen learning to do a stastical investigation. First we asked asked a question.then we worked out the answer and presented it in a graph.lasty we wrote about what we found out.I hope you enjoyed our investagation