Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My best birthday

In my birthday i waked up and i went downstairs my mum and dad and my brothers they said surprised and i got  a strawberry cake for my birthday.It was my favorite flavor it was yum.

I got 2 presents it was a helicopter and a nerf gun i wanted a computer for my birthday but i got a helicopter and a nerf gun.After that we started eating the strawberry cake and we had chocolate muffins as well and we went to the kids fair.
It was my favorite place to go i went to the bouncy foot camp challenge i was very good at it and i gotta vs someone we came a tie every time cause  the belt was locked my friend was locked up with me and we came a time every time.

then we went to race on the  car race we needed some help so are family came with me it took aches then we went to mcdonalds and i fell asleep and i woke up then i got the mega mac then we went home i started eating my mega mac is was so dealicos

then after that i went to sleep My favorite part was playing the boot camp my the part that i did not enjoyed was eating the muffins


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