Monday, 3 August 2015

Holiday higlight

In the holidays I went to my cousins fantastic house and it was awesome there me and my cousin played call o f duty black ops 2 we played team deathmatch and then it was a tie he won and I won after that 2 people joined in and then my cousin jonathan and me vs those 2 people one of there name is Dame and then we won I got the last shot. After that we ate cakes I ate the banana cakes it was a very delicious cake it was my favorite one.Then we play outside and we went to the skatepark on the scooter me and him was doing 3 tricks on the scooter then i got worried so we went home and ate some more food cause we was at the skatepark for long. Then I was playing roblox on his computer and he was playing on the playstation 3. after that me and him was playing zombie survival we were playing with 2 players we only survived 17 rounds it was scary. then we had dinner it was fish, potato, and vegetable and then i played FIFA 15 with my friend that i don’t know his name then we played touch on the streets

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