Thursday, 20 August 2015

Trade fair

On the 16th of August We had a trade fair  it was only for year 4s, 5s and year 6s. A trade fair mean that you trade stuff with pts a pt is pt england money we trade pts for stuff and we get in to business there are 6 business groups and there names were
Custom stationery, Musical instruments and more in was in the custom stationery.
We had to grab buddies I was with Germaine and Kaharau they were my buddies

our group teacher was Mr Goodwin he told us to think about what we gonna make
then we thought that we gonna custom stickers. We were about to  make emoji stickers
but I said to do Minecraft stickers then they agreed next week on friday we did a trade fair I was doing business and my buddy kaharau went to by only me and germaine we were doing business for only 15 minutes after that I went to by stuff I was walking around.

Then I saw a game i went all the way there  I asked “can I play”  he said 20 pc instead I gave him 1 pt he said “8 turns”  then he told me how to play he said “you have to try and get does 3 cans down and if you do you get in a draw to  win 2 waffles” then I threw the first time I only got 1 down I had another go and then I knocked down all of it

it was cool then I went to the rubber band gun it was free but you only get only one shot then I missed I only had 40 pc I looked for a designed one I went to by a drum by the boys it was 40 pc I said I want to buy it the end

Monday, 10 August 2015

The escape

Once there were 9  people I was one of them I was the the dude
with the red jacket he was on the side I was watching the the side so I can go under the
fast blade. But I was scared I think it's gonna cut me so I kept on running with the other people there were screaming like a girl so I kept on running and kept on running.And I tripped over I heard the sound of the plane getting closer and closer i tried to get up

but my leg was stuck on a big rock I pushed and pushed the other people didn’t help me I kept on pushing the rock I heard the plane getting very close I pushed it as hard. as I can and I pushed it but I couldn’t feel my leg because the rock was on it it I was running slow my leg was still hurting I ran and I ran and then I caught up then I fall down i grabed someone’s leg and he was angry. so he punched my hand  and he left me behind so I went to somewhere safe but the

plane was still chasing me so I only had 1 choice i had to go to the side and go under the planes blades so I did it I was scared but i stilled did it, I ran to the plane and I went under the blades it almost cut me so I just lay down on the ground and wait until it’s gone later it was gone I saw the plane chased after those people I laughed at them cause they were running funny than i runned away  

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Holiday higlight

In the holidays I went to my cousins fantastic house and it was awesome there me and my cousin played call o f duty black ops 2 we played team deathmatch and then it was a tie he won and I won after that 2 people joined in and then my cousin jonathan and me vs those 2 people one of there name is Dame and then we won I got the last shot. After that we ate cakes I ate the banana cakes it was a very delicious cake it was my favorite one.Then we play outside and we went to the skatepark on the scooter me and him was doing 3 tricks on the scooter then i got worried so we went home and ate some more food cause we was at the skatepark for long. Then I was playing roblox on his computer and he was playing on the playstation 3. after that me and him was playing zombie survival we were playing with 2 players we only survived 17 rounds it was scary. then we had dinner it was fish, potato, and vegetable and then i played FIFA 15 with my friend that i don’t know his name then we played touch on the streets

Seeds for birds

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