Tuesday, 27 October 2015


In Wednesday 21th 2015 my teacher gave us egg friends he said we had to take care of them and give them a name I called my one Scrappy. Then Mr Baxendine told us to draw faces on them I drawed eyes,mouth,eyes,eyebrows,nose,hair and a shirt on them. Then Mr Baxendine told us to follow him around the but he also told us to be quite. Tt looks like we're going to the park and then when we got there Mr baxendine was holding a bag then I thought what was inside then we got there we had a egg race with my egg my egg was nervous. Mr Baxendine gave spoons to us then it was my turn Mr Baxendine told us to go over 4 things and go under 1 thing then he told to go I went over the first thing after that I came first and then Mr Baxendine told us to give it back but I Cracked it instead. Then Mr bax said we can keep it then I thought I shouldn't cracked I would of asked my mum if she could cook it.

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