Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Pourqoi Tales

How the Baboon got a red bum.

One day in the Amazon jungle there was a little baboon who was fearless and gruesome. He is known for stealing, One day he was with his family in his little tree house his mum asked for his to find a good outing spot, so the fearless baboon went on.

Moments laters the fearless baboon scrutinize the whole jungle just in case a impeccable spot appears, after hours went past still nothing was worth for the baboons eyes to catch upon on until he saw a beautiful river with ravishing tree’s, In his thoughts were telling him to go but he just stood there…. TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Considering others viewpoints

Hi my name is Jonathon and I'm in room 1 and what we did was we had a presentation and we had to consider other peoples view point's for a example Banana is better than Mango so we had 3 options "Agree" "Disagree" "I don't know" so I would disagree because mangoes are rare and they taste delicious. I did 5 statements and shared my initial thoughts. Sorry for audio difficulty and video quality.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Music that can get you emotional

Hello my name is Jonathon and I worked with my buddy doing emotions. You're properly wondering what did you learn?, Well me and Leatham were finding songs on the internet finding songs that can suit emotions such as happy, sad and angry.

Sorry for grammer mistakes or if it dosn't make sense...

Wednesday, 15 November 2017



Once upon a time their was a troublesome boy, he lived with his mother at a farm.
He would be called Jack the troublemaker cause he would leave his chores unattended and go outside and play with his friends. His friends are known for shoplifting multiple times sometimes they would try to convince Jack to help them steal to, but luckily Jack said no.

One day his mom asked him to go out and get some baguette from the local village. “Yes mum I will go get the bread” said Jack so he decided to go with pegasus his horse but unfortunately he was sleeping like a baby So he decided to go off with his cow and commenced his journey to the local village.

After hours and hours went by he kept walking and in his sight was just trees he didn’t know he was lost until he saw nothing but grass and trees but he didn’t give up so he wandered deeper into the thick woods.

More hours when past and he still hand no clue where he was until he saw 2 people hiding in a palm tree he was wandering why would they hide in the middle of a woods “Uh hello who are you” asked Jack but they remained silent it looked like the 2 were trying to conceal something it had a green glow to it but Jack couldn’t fully see it after a few minutes of just staring at each other the 2 was smiling and Jack it was weird cause it was broad smile.

The 2 then just said hi and asked Jack where was he from, but Jack didn’t want to tell him so he said the village. The 2 finally got down from the tree and introduced themselves the man’s name was Josh and the woman's name was Emma they were looking for animals to eat for dinner so Jack was nervous and decided to keep the cow he took behind him….


                                   PART 2 COMING SOON

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Special Guest

On the 1st of November a special man Andrew came to our school to remind us a few things we can do when we grow up.

When he arrived he firstly he explained about his secret formula A + I = M  A is for Aspiration (What you want to do like a hobby or a dream) Inspiration (Who inspired you) and all of that equals Motivation

After that he explained GRIT having the ability to get up when your depressed and move on with life and forget all the bad setbacks in life.

My favourite one was be a giver which is having the ability to notice people who are in need for help and act, I liked this because of the story that was told about Willy a 11 year old boy who changed the life of a fully grown man in his sixtys by giving him lunch money and food for two weeks. It was a small thing to do but it turned out to be a big thing later on, Willy was definitely being a giver to the man. Also have you heard the terms of karma? when you do something good and something comes back good? well this boy went to Wellington for the day cause of what he did. The Old man who was homeless now has a job and a rental house.

So I would wanna want to be more like Willy that notices and acts to be more generous and kind.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Explanation Writing - Why it's important to be a rolemodel.

Why it’s important to be a rolemodel

Have you ever wondered why is it important to be a rolemodel? Here are some tips to how to be a rolemodel.

A way that role model dol is picking up rubbish without getting told that would be called “Using your initiatives.” I picked this one first because it is a good example for little kids if they are watching and in the future they could be doing the same thing.

Another way to be a role model is to respect your elders, it doesn't have to be relative it could be a stranger or even a friend. e.g if you’re grandma or grandpa or a stranger are having trouble doing jobs such as taking the rubbish out you could ask them if they want you to do it. I picked this second because it is always good to help and also it can even make your day, Cause when I help elders I feel great.

Last but not least a way to being a role model is to be kind to little kids why? You might ask when they are annoying is because if you treat a relative or even just a kid they could pass it on to other little kids when they grow up. Treat them the way you want to be cheated if you treating a kid in a good way they could treat you back in the same way you would.

Well…. That’s all the tips I could give you hopefully this tips could help you be a better role model.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Monday, 4 September 2017

On September the 1st  Which was Friday PES (Point England School) was hosting a Cross Country for kids but kids would call it a Fun Run.

I woke up in my bed tired but happy cause today was Cross Country day I was happy cause this year I was going to try my best. After I did my morning routine and got to school I was feeling a little bit nervous even though it was in like 4 hours. When I got into my class room the first thing I saw was Karen he is a friend he would come first 1st every year I would try to beat him but he always manages to get away from me.

4 hours late Mr Burt called the Year 7 Boys to come up to the starting line I felt anxious and nervous, Kaden asked me If I want to run with him I said yes. So when Mr Burt said On your marks I hesitated I felt so nervous I started going of the line "Get Set" Said Mr Burt said "Go" When he said that I was so hyped I sprinted I was in the lead with Kaden, But I thought that was a bad idea because I would get tired sprinting. When I got up to the Bike Track with Kaden I looked Behind me I saw alot of people like Charles,Kaharau and Germaine so I told Kaden lets sprint so we can get ahead of them.

Then we got to the reserve part which was full of mud and even... dog poo that was the most challenging part because I have to pull my foot out of the mud when we got up to the starting line I saw my mum cheering for me because I was in the lead then Kaden and Germaine catched up to me. When We got up to the reserve part again I was sprinting then when I got to the finish line I jogged it while Germaine and Kaden was sprinting for 1st place. The End
Thank you for reading this blog post

Germaine came first
Kaden came second
and the best I came third.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I Wonder

Jonathon's Term 3 from Team 5 Pes on Vimeo.

WALT: We are doing I wonder, So basically we just do at the front of the video I wonder, Sorry for speaking bad english (Atleast I wrote in my own words)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Speech Reflection + Speech (WEEK 1)

WALT - Reflect on our given speech.....  WALT (IN MY WORDS) - We are learning to discover, our mistakes and try to learn from them, and prefect them in speech 2,We also discovered what we did great.

WALT - Finalise and deliver a speech WALT (IN MY WORDS) - We are making speeches that are 1+ Minutes long, We are also going to do a reflection video, To show what we done bad and great!. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monday, 24 July 2017

Immersion Assembly [2017]

On Monday the 24th  My school had a Immersion Assembly, It happens every term on the first day. You might ask what is it for, Well Immersion Assembly is when we all gather up in the hall and watch movies about what the team is going to learn and also complete.

When I got at school I was late because I slept In, But you don't want to read that so i'll just get right in
I didn't come to school early so I only saw 1 movie and 1 song. So I got inside the hall and saw all my friends getting caught up in laughter, But I wasn't I didn't get why it was so funny... I think I don't really have a sense of humor.

If you were wondering what was my favourite is has to to be the Team 4 Item, Because their movie was 4 star funnytastic, That's why I loved it... Sad I didn't watch the whole thing If I did I would be cracking it.

Well That's All For Now.

Sorry for not that much Imformation

Please Write a Comment that you loved it, If you didn't That's Alright

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My Holiday

On Saturday, me and my family had nothing to do so my dad asked my uncle Tevita if I can go to their house and well do fun stuff at their house. So my dad said they said yes we can go to their house I got exsited.

A few moments later we got ready, brushed our teeth, showered and then we got into our van then drove from Glen Ines to Pakuranga. I brought my chromebook my brothers brought their phones and tablets, My dad brought beer to watch the Lions Vs All Blacks.

Oh Didn't I mention that it was also my dad's birthday, so Tevita's Wife Ruth went to buy a cake and some food like,chop suey (In tonga we call it Sapa Sui) and Pizza For the kids it was only my brother and Pea-nut, I'm Not talking about the peanut butter... I think he was Ruth's Nepew

So then a few hours later we all setup in the kitchen but my dad stayed in the garage with his friends and Tevita. Then Ruth told me to bring the cake to my dad so he call blow it so I said yes.Then I got the cake and then went over to the garage and sang the Happy Birthday song to my dad.

After my dad blowed the candles we all sat at the table I was eating cheesy pizza.

Then the Lions Vs All-Blacks Series came on, And that was everything that happend.

Thank You for Reading

This was my Holiday

Monday, 1 May 2017

My Holiday

On Thursday the 13th  of April was the last of school. I couldn't wait for school to finish. 

When I arrived at home I had nothing to do because it was raining. On 14th of April I went to to get my PlayStation 4 back, Because my mum sold it for money.

Then I arrived at home I was so happy I just sprinted in my house then upstairs then setup my PlayStation 4, after a few minutes I was done I quickly turned it on.

On 16th of April I went to my cousin's house, because it was her birthday today. When we were driving to my cousin's house my parents were confused because they didn't know where they lived so they called them and asked. Then my mum turned on the GPS then typed in the address. 

Then we got there it was raining so me and my family waited inside for about... 30 minutes, after that we got into the house then I went to the living room. I saw some people their then played with them then ate cake. THE END


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Independent and Dependent Clauses

 I was learning about what Independent and Dependent clauses means. Example = Although the boy was angry = Dependent and The boy was angry = Independent.

Thanks for reading

 WALT - Identify independent and dependent clauses
                    - Identify the subject and a predicate of a clause

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My Free Writing

My weekend  - Jonathon - part 1

On saturday the 25th of february my mom woke me up to go to the mangere market centre, but I was still tired when I got out of bed I had to get ready Eat,Brush my teeth, shower and change my clothes. When we got ready we got into my van.

When we arrived at the market me and my mom walked to the market while my dad had to get the my brothers ready. In cause if you're wondering I, my mum, cousins and my aunties are making Tongan keke. Then I got ready my mum was doing the keke but I did something different I did the otai.

A few moments ago we opened our shop and then a lot of customers came but not for the otai only a few people came for the otai but I had another place I could go to my aunt's one which is selling soap.

After doing my otai job I went over and did the soap job but I didn’t really do it I just sat down with my cousin and play games on his ipad.

Then we had to clean up cause the market is now finish so we all had to clean the gazeebo's and pack it in the van.

And that’s the first part of my weekend
My weekend - Jonathon - Part 2
On saturday the same day I did the market I asked my aunt if I can go over to their house they said yes I was excited cause I love going to my cousin's house it’s always fun their cause they have a lot of stuff.

When I arrived at their house I saw Jono my cousin we have the same name except that he’s Jonathan mine is Jonathon after that we went into Jonathans room and played on black ops 3 we 1v1 each other and I won 17-20 snipers.

A few hours later it was I was still awake but everyone is asleep and then I just stayed up all night, playing black ops 3 and roblox on his laptop.then it was 11 in the morning and Jonathan woke up and then we ate breakfast.

Then it was 8 pm then my mum picked me and Jonathan. When we arrived we got into the house and then went upstairs to go on my playstation 4, and play black ops 3 1v1 again

The End
The island of  zombies - My family - Made up story

One day a family of 5 were planning on a trip to a island their names were Jonathon-11 years old, Jaxson-4 years old, Jabal-5 years old,Tolati-2 years old and Nona-42 years old.

Their were thinking which island the’ll go to and they couldn’t decide so they just watched tv then on the television there was this ad, it was a trip to a island called Unknown island, and the price was $10000 for a family of 5.

After the ad finished the family of five got ready. After that they got into we lamborghini and then drove to the airport. Then they arrived at the airport so they got out and went inside the airport. A few minutes later they got into their plane and there were no people their just them, and of course the pilot.

Then they arrived at the island and there were nothing there were no houses and no people to greet them the only thing their was just a road for the airplane to land. When they got out they grabbed their gear and their bags.

Then they said their goodbyes to the pilot. Then they were finding a place to set camp then Jonathon spotted somebody so they followed it, but it was making a zombie sound the family was scared because they were thinking if it was a zombie. Then Jonathon went to it and tapped on its shoulder and then the zombie turned around and they were right it was a zombie.

Then they ran far away but the zombie was chasing them and then when they turned back they saw more zombies chasing them. Then they found this cave and went inside of it to hide from the zombies.

After that they walked around the cave to see if there was a way out then Nona spotted a button and called her sons to come “ Look at this” said their mum Jonathon pressed it and then it opened a secret base and then went inside.

When they got inside the door behind them shut they were wondering what is this place and why were there zombies. Then they found this computer then went on it, but it only had a video on it “ Play it” said Jonathon so they played it and a woman showed up “ Hi my name is Jessica If your watching these then you’re probably on the island and wondering why are their zombies the truth is their were these scientists who tried to create powers but it failed they were so selfish they tried it onto themselves then turned into zombies then killed everyone at the nearby hospital the only way to stop this is to go to the nearby hospital and kill the scientists whose controlling everyone's mind and soon they are gonna control mine there’s this secret armory with guns the bullets are the cure shoot the zombie and then when the suns shines they'll turn human the password to it is 2  9  5  6 7 good luck”

After that they found the armory and putted in the code to open it. When they opened it they grabbed pistols, snipers , sub machine guns and assault rifles and put on their gear “ Jonathon stay with them and guard the door” said Nona “Ok” said Jonathon so Nona ran all the way to the nearby hospitals and shot every zombies that was in her path then she got into the hospitals and founded the scientists she ran out of ammo and had to use the pistol she shot them, but they didn’t turn into zombies straightaway so she kept on shooting them and it didn’t work so the scientists grabbed her and was sucking her mind. Then they dropped her the scientists were dead but Nona was thinking how did they die and then she looked back and saw Jonathon from the cave he sniped them.

Then it was sunrise and everyone was safe and made it back to New Zealand but they forgot somebody it was Jessica ..... THE END

Friday, 17 March 2017

My trip to polyfest

Image result for asb polyfest 2015Had you been to polyfest? No well I’ll tell you what I did at polyfest

On thursday the 16th of march, Team 5 had a trip to the ASB grounds which is polyfest. Everyone was excited except me and david we both thought it was going to boring and a  waste of money a few moments later we did the last roll call and then got put into groups I was in benoni's group with his mum Ricky, Then we went into our buses

Then we finally arrived at the ASB ground me and david was tired after that long drive. Then we got out of the bus and then walked into the line for the guards to check your bags, I was scared because I had tim tams in my bag and I thought they were gonna throw it out, I was next in the line I was scared but they said “ Go move on only adults”  and I was relieved. When we got through my group got together and we were thinking about what group name Benioni said fobalicious and we voted but no one voted only and I thought Suicide squad and then everyone's hand went up.

Then we sat down in lines and then me,David,Junior,Bradley and John amour played somakalo, after that we finally went to our first activity well not actually a activity we went to have a talk with the police and then we went over to the ASB thing I didn’t know what it was called so I’ll just call it the ASB curtain thing when we got inside there was a line so we got into it and it was about spinning this light thing when it was our turn we got the light things and started spinning it and then we stepped forward and back. When we finished we ate our morning tea and me and david shared lunch I gave him some tim tams and he gave me butter chicken pie then we finished then we walked over to nui fm and then I felt like going toilet, after that I came back and they were already finished so we to the cultural dancing group and the man teached the boys and the woman teached the girls. Then we had a girl’s vs boy’s competition when we finished we did a vote on who was better everyone said the boys were better but the man made it a tie so we did it again and then the boys won :).Then we grouped up the end

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Talking points

WALT -   Participate in a group discussion by actively listening and speaking