Monday, 10 August 2015

The escape

Once there were 9  people I was one of them I was the the dude
with the red jacket he was on the side I was watching the the side so I can go under the
fast blade. But I was scared I think it's gonna cut me so I kept on running with the other people there were screaming like a girl so I kept on running and kept on running.And I tripped over I heard the sound of the plane getting closer and closer i tried to get up

but my leg was stuck on a big rock I pushed and pushed the other people didn’t help me I kept on pushing the rock I heard the plane getting very close I pushed it as hard. as I can and I pushed it but I couldn’t feel my leg because the rock was on it it I was running slow my leg was still hurting I ran and I ran and then I caught up then I fall down i grabed someone’s leg and he was angry. so he punched my hand  and he left me behind so I went to somewhere safe but the

plane was still chasing me so I only had 1 choice i had to go to the side and go under the planes blades so I did it I was scared but i stilled did it, I ran to the plane and I went under the blades it almost cut me so I just lay down on the ground and wait until it’s gone later it was gone I saw the plane chased after those people I laughed at them cause they were running funny than i runned away  

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