Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Holiday highlights

On sunday morning I went down stairs my family was there when I looked outside there were heaps of easter eggs I WAS EXCITED! when my mum let me go me and my brothers went to look for some easter eggs there were heaps of easter eggs hidden.

Then I got two big easter eggs I went to look for some more then I found some little easter eggs.My little brothers was already eating but I still look for some more the was another big one under the flower I was lucky then keep and keep and keep on looking for some more big easter eggs then my brother finished eating then he went to look for some more easter eggs.

After that i was very hungry so I went inside then started eating one of the biggest egg I got it was DELICIOUS! then I started eating some more I had heaps of easter eggs 3 big eggs. and just 1 little egg I said to myself “I wish the had 100 big eggs” my favorite one was the biggest one then I went to look for only 1 more I was looking ages then only found 1 but it was not a big one it was littles ones but I didn't care I just went inside and ate it then i said to my brother “can I have some”? and he said yes.It was yum.

Then me and my little brothers went to watch televesion.My favorite part was when we went to look for some more the part that i did’nt like was the part when i got the little eggs and I hope i get heaps of big easter eggs next time when its easter .

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