Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Athletics Day 2015

Athletics 2015

On the 13th of november I was lying down on my bed sleeping and then I remembered its athletics. I rushed out of my bedroom and then ran down stairs. Then my mum made me weet-bix. I had weet-bix in my teeth so I had to brush my teeth. After that I went to put on my clothes then quickly drove to school.

I got to school I said bye to my mum then I rushed to the boy’s toilet to put on my house color shirt.It was blue Hine Moana all day!.When I finished putting my house shirt on I went into class I see some of my friends from my team put on tape.I wanted tape to uy7hj6 put on tape so I went to put tape on my-self. Finally athletics starting I couldn't wait to get get there.

We got there “wow theres alot of people here I said to myself”. we had to go in our lines I was in the year 5 boys.Mr Burt told us what color he was in his color was red.”let the athletics begin” I said to my friends. First we went went to relays first we sat on the wet grass and listened to Mrs Muilaumasealii instructing us then we started I was in the 3rd lane with Russell,me,Kaden,Ben and more I couldn't tell there names but we started.

“ready set go” Mrs Muliaumasealii said Russell ran he got to the second runner then we did it we came first “yay” I said. The end

Why do I think Hine Moana is the best     
We work together and we won it for 2015
What do you look forward next time?
I really hope I go to running 1rst next time I love running.

I also really look forward next time they can put another sport into it

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