Monday, 1 May 2017

My Holiday

On Thursday the 13th  of April was the last of school. I couldn't wait for school to finish. 

When I arrived at home I had nothing to do because it was raining. On 14th of April I went to to get my PlayStation 4 back, Because my mum sold it for money.

Then I arrived at home I was so happy I just sprinted in my house then upstairs then setup my PlayStation 4, after a few minutes I was done I quickly turned it on.

On 16th of April I went to my cousin's house, because it was her birthday today. When we were driving to my cousin's house my parents were confused because they didn't know where they lived so they called them and asked. Then my mum turned on the GPS then typed in the address. 

Then we got there it was raining so me and my family waited inside for about... 30 minutes, after that we got into the house then I went to the living room. I saw some people their then played with them then ate cake. THE END