Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Holiday highlight

In the holidays I went to mission bay beach my whole family went there for a swim after i had a swim i watched my mum and dad play volleyball for 1 hour. After that i eat chocolate muffin then we went to my cousins house when we got there i went  to play gta 5 on my cousin’s p

play station after that i played black ops zombies.
When it was night time i went home then went home  i was watching regular show on cartoon  network Then i went to sleep in the morning i went to go watch cartoons for a while after that we went to pak n save

after that we went home and i watch cartoons the whole day. i enjoyed about going to playing gta 5 with cousin i part that i did not enjoyed was watching my mum and dad play volleyball i feel happy were i went and i hope i go to my cousins house next holiday.

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