Thursday, 15 October 2015


In the holidays I went to my cousins house. I couldn't wait because I was so excited. I went with my mum and my three little brothers. After a long drive we finally got there. I felt tired I tried to wake up my brothers but they were sleeping. So I rushed out of my car and fastly ran to my cousins door. Then went inside. I see my cousin playing videogames so I went to join him after that I played Black Ops 2 Campaign and my mum said it’s time to go so I asked my cousin can you ask your mum if you can come to my house? She said YES!. so we went home and finally were there me and my cousin played black ops 2 multiplayer 2 player. I was the first player he was the 2nd we added some bots on to it my gun was a FN scar with the silencer and my second one was the ballistic knife it’s my favorite 2 primary weapon and my cousin chose the sniper and a pistol then the map was Hijacked Team deathmatch then we played i was very good i keeped on killing the bots they were easy then i got the last killcam it was a very cool one it was when i killed someone with the ballistic knife and the combat axe then we played zombies it was fun after that we played 1 v 1 and the weapons that are allowed was a ballistic knife and a combat axe it was awesome i won they my cousins mum came to pick him up and i played Uncharted 3 multiplayer free to play the end. I enjoyed the part were played video games and i hope i could come back another day

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