Thursday, 25 February 2016


The start

START WRITING HERE: One day there was 2 volcanoes one of them was a man the other person was a woman the man was sleeping the woman was sleeping as well. 9.30 am the alarm was going loud and the volcano man turned it off same as the volcano lady they were erupting  “Hello nitwit” but she said it in a mean way “oh hello Witch!!!!” he starting laughing as hard as he can they were enemies but there names were James and Rose then one day they were against each other on a game the game was called lava tag.

They had to shoot lava into each over.The announcer said “Welcome to the 183829th game of lava tag and if you now they have to shoot LAVA at each other. The competitors were James,Rose,John,David,Joeb and JONATHON”  “5     4       3         2              11111”go go go
they started shooting lava but everybody were working together beset James and Rose everybody was only getting James and Rose so James and Rose had no choice but work together they started shooting lava at everyone else “WE HAVE A WINNER JAMES AND ROSE!!!!”. “Nice shot James” said Rose “You to Rose” so they were friends

The end

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  1. Jonathon, you have a great first draft! I love that you took the picture and made your own creative story using the pictures as a starting point. I am so excited to see what you do as we work to make your story better!