Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 5 and 6 camp 2015

Last week I went to camp at school on Wednesday morning. It was amazing! I was in the Mata pono e group with Mrs Jacobsen. Our song for camp concert was Uptown Funk. That is my favorite song and were some more groups. There was the Commitments with Mr Somerville, The Honest Squad was with miss Lavakula, the all stars with Mrs Vaafusuaga and the real deals with Mr Goodwin First we did Rollerblading and Ping pong it was in the hall i did the rollerblading it was easy to ride then i played ping pong with lenard when i got bored i played basketball with simon after that we went to top town. But Mr Jacobsen calls it Killzone there were heaps of throwing water balloons and slingshot gumboot throw but i did not like that one after that we went to camp concert practice then we went to eat lunch it was a pizza bread after we had lunch we went to camp cooking the boys was with Saffron but the girls went to make cookies me, christian and william was cooking buddies. Safron put some flour in to our bowl and heaps of milk i was the first one to steer then we all shared steering after that Safron put some corns in it then we keeped on steering then i had a taste but it taste like flour then we cooked it miss told us to do our prayer first.When i finished i had a taste it was Delicious! then we tried some mussels i had only 1 when i tasted it it was little bit yuck! then we went to watch the lego movie after that we went to go sleep in to our tent i wasn’t tired so i stayed up for a little bit until i feel tired.My favorite part i enjoyed was the part when we went to kyayking and the part when we went to mangerne pool the part i did not injoyed was the kill zone and the amazing race and the one when we went cooking.I hope i can go to camp next year and i wish that camp never finished cause i like camp

Kaitiaki of the Stream- Tuna Box

We have been reading a story called Kaitiaki of the Stream. It is about keeping the Kaitiaki clean . This is my picture showing a contraption I designed to keep tuna fresh in the water until the family is ready to eat it.