Thursday, 25 February 2016


The start

START WRITING HERE: One day there was 2 volcanoes one of them was a man the other person was a woman the man was sleeping the woman was sleeping as well. 9.30 am the alarm was going loud and the volcano man turned it off same as the volcano lady they were erupting  “Hello nitwit” but she said it in a mean way “oh hello Witch!!!!” he starting laughing as hard as he can they were enemies but there names were James and Rose then one day they were against each other on a game the game was called lava tag.

They had to shoot lava into each over.The announcer said “Welcome to the 183829th game of lava tag and if you now they have to shoot LAVA at each other. The competitors were James,Rose,John,David,Joeb and JONATHON”  “5     4       3         2              11111”go go go
they started shooting lava but everybody were working together beset James and Rose everybody was only getting James and Rose so James and Rose had no choice but work together they started shooting lava at everyone else “WE HAVE A WINNER JAMES AND ROSE!!!!”. “Nice shot James” said Rose “You to Rose” so they were friends

The end

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Exponents follow up

Use more than one strategy to solve number problems
Use more than one strategy to solve number problems
Use more than one strategy to solve number problems
Use more than one strategy to solve number problems

Friday, 12 February 2016


  1. ben and i are going to the movies.
Ben and I are going to the movies.

  1. yesterday, i went to pt. england beach.
Yesterday, I went to Pt. England beach.

  1. tuesday is the duffy assembly.
Tuesday is the Duffy Assembly.

  1. have you seen the movie three wise cousins?
Have you seen the movie Three Wise Cousins

  1. mr. burt is the principal of our school.
Mr. Burt is the principal of our school.

  1. did you know that miss west likes to sing?
Did you know that Miss West likes to sing?

  1. mrs. moala was born in the united states of america.
Mrs. Moala was born in the United states of America

  1. mr. sommerville and miss lavakula both enjoy coaching sports.
Mr. Sommerville and Miss Lavakula both enjoy coaching sports.

Duffy theatre

On the 9th of Feb I was doing my work. Later after lunchtime I packed up put the bags on the blue area and lined up in my Home class I was really excited because last year it was funny and I was expecting to be funny this year.

  • When we got there it seems like we got here first I went in the front row. Nooo the year 5’s  were in the way I couldn’t see that much but then the actors seem to came out they told us we can go in the middle so we can get a better view and because they. then he asked us one question.

“Who knows how to the nae nae” people's hand started going up then Duffy picked a person his name was Jonathan he was my cousins we almost had the same name Jonathon was my name his was Jonathan he had a a i had a o. Peopled said to me to come up so it can be Jonathon versus Jonathan.

I couldn’t do it I was shy and nervous after that they started the show I thinked it was about helping their neighbor Ruby the end.

I liked the part when they were doing the nae nae I expecting next year  
to be cool.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Today the Paua shells and the White Bait fritters were learning about the Rangitoto volcano here is my idea of it

Friday, 5 February 2016

Algebra Patterns

I have been learning about algebra patterns using shapes and colors and numbers.
Check out my work here.