Friday, 11 August 2017

Speech Reflection + Speech (WEEK 1)

WALT - Reflect on our given speech.....  WALT (IN MY WORDS) - We are learning to discover, our mistakes and try to learn from them, and prefect them in speech 2,We also discovered what we did great.

WALT - Finalise and deliver a speech WALT (IN MY WORDS) - We are making speeches that are 1+ Minutes long, We are also going to do a reflection video, To show what we done bad and great!. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. Your speech is awesome you were doing it the best you can and that counts for a good job.

    From vili

  2. Thank you, You're one was great to.... But next time use more eye contact!.

    Thanks for the feedback Vili!

  3. Jonathon, what a lovely well presented video reflection. You were able to identify things you were great at and some things you would like to work on. Well done buddy, I'm looking forward to your next speech.