Monday, 24 July 2017

Immersion Assembly [2017]

On Monday the 24th  My school had a Immersion Assembly, It happens every term on the first day. You might ask what is it for, Well Immersion Assembly is when we all gather up in the hall and watch movies about what the team is going to learn and also complete.

When I got at school I was late because I slept In, But you don't want to read that so i'll just get right in
I didn't come to school early so I only saw 1 movie and 1 song. So I got inside the hall and saw all my friends getting caught up in laughter, But I wasn't I didn't get why it was so funny... I think I don't really have a sense of humor.

If you were wondering what was my favourite is has to to be the Team 4 Item, Because their movie was 4 star funnytastic, That's why I loved it... Sad I didn't watch the whole thing If I did I would be cracking it.

Well That's All For Now.

Sorry for not that much Imformation

Please Write a Comment that you loved it, If you didn't That's Alright


  1. Kia ora Jonathon! Welcome back to Term 3 - thanks for sharing your impressions of the Immersion Assembly - Team 4's movie was pretty clever with lots of explosions when people tried to live on the Sun - I am looking forward to seeing more of your work this term!

  2. Kia ora Jono it's me your friend Vili thank you for commenting on my blog. Your work is great.

    From: Vili