Friday, 17 March 2017

My trip to polyfest

Image result for asb polyfest 2015Had you been to polyfest? No well I’ll tell you what I did at polyfest

On thursday the 16th of march, Team 5 had a trip to the ASB grounds which is polyfest. Everyone was excited except me and david we both thought it was going to boring and a  waste of money a few moments later we did the last roll call and then got put into groups I was in benoni's group with his mum Ricky, Then we went into our buses

Then we finally arrived at the ASB ground me and david was tired after that long drive. Then we got out of the bus and then walked into the line for the guards to check your bags, I was scared because I had tim tams in my bag and I thought they were gonna throw it out, I was next in the line I was scared but they said “ Go move on only adults”  and I was relieved. When we got through my group got together and we were thinking about what group name Benioni said fobalicious and we voted but no one voted only and I thought Suicide squad and then everyone's hand went up.

Then we sat down in lines and then me,David,Junior,Bradley and John amour played somakalo, after that we finally went to our first activity well not actually a activity we went to have a talk with the police and then we went over to the ASB thing I didn’t know what it was called so I’ll just call it the ASB curtain thing when we got inside there was a line so we got into it and it was about spinning this light thing when it was our turn we got the light things and started spinning it and then we stepped forward and back. When we finished we ate our morning tea and me and david shared lunch I gave him some tim tams and he gave me butter chicken pie then we finished then we walked over to nui fm and then I felt like going toilet, after that I came back and they were already finished so we to the cultural dancing group and the man teached the boys and the woman teached the girls. Then we had a girl’s vs boy’s competition when we finished we did a vote on who was better everyone said the boys were better but the man made it a tie so we did it again and then the boys won :).Then we grouped up the end

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