Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My Holiday

On Saturday, me and my family had nothing to do so my dad asked my uncle Tevita if I can go to their house and well do fun stuff at their house. So my dad said they said yes we can go to their house I got exsited.

A few moments later we got ready, brushed our teeth, showered and then we got into our van then drove from Glen Ines to Pakuranga. I brought my chromebook my brothers brought their phones and tablets, My dad brought beer to watch the Lions Vs All Blacks.

Oh Didn't I mention that it was also my dad's birthday, so Tevita's Wife Ruth went to buy a cake and some food like,chop suey (In tonga we call it Sapa Sui) and Pizza For the kids it was only my brother and Pea-nut, I'm Not talking about the peanut butter... I think he was Ruth's Nepew

So then a few hours later we all setup in the kitchen but my dad stayed in the garage with his friends and Tevita. Then Ruth told me to bring the cake to my dad so he call blow it so I said yes.Then I got the cake and then went over to the garage and sang the Happy Birthday song to my dad.

After my dad blowed the candles we all sat at the table I was eating cheesy pizza.

Then the Lions Vs All-Blacks Series came on, And that was everything that happend.

Thank You for Reading

This was my Holiday

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  1. Kia ora Jonathon,

    It is great to see that you are blogging over the holiday. It sounds like you had a pretty great time at your dad's birthday party. I recently hosted a birthday party for my son, Aronui, and we had pizza and cake as well. What kind of cake did you guys have? We had a chocolate cake with white and red icing that was decorated to look like a Pokeball from the Pokemon books. Do you ever watch Pokemon and/or read the books? Aronui loves them! He is currently collecting the trading cards and is always 'quizzing' me to see if I can remember the names of the various Pokemon trainers and the Pokemon themselves. I have to admit that I often struggle to remember their names because they are unusual!

    I hope that you had a really nice break and that you will continue to blog with us over the coming months.


    Rachel (and the Winter Learning Journey blogging team)