Monday, 8 September 2014

Amazing Weekend

What did you did in the weekend? well i was on my computer playing games I was first playing CS portable in Kano games.Kano games is listed with the newest games I love CS portable  because it is a multiplayer,shooting I love  shooting games and I always play is my Nickname for the game Skeletion_progamer here are some mods that are in the game Zombie Survival,Capture the flag,TDM.deathmatch Junggournut and classic

I played the morning to night i had a very very long turn then my mum said “were going to alfreds house” but i didn’t want to come then she said “after my shower we’ll go”after i finished playing my game we went to alfreds house but he was not here i played  some of his games which is Grand theft auto i played on it for only 1 hour his dad was here watching some rugby.i asked where is alfred they're gone some i played on PS3 for ages and alfreds dad said i'm gonna go until its the midnight when alfred with his brother john they saw me and we took turns playing i gave the Controller to john and went to the Laptop

i played on CS portable again then john came after i finished playing my favorite game in the world i played Halo combat evolved after i needed to go home i went on the computer and CS portable my mum said only for 60 minutes and i was happy after that i went to eat dinner my dinner was Mcdonalds after that i went for nap
.I hope its gonna be the weekend next week because im gonna play my favorite game all the time.In enjoyed playing CS portable because its fun.

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