Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Have you been to Africa? here are some ideas to help you.Africa has the second highest population in the World There are lots of countries in africa but i’m going to tell you a few contries.first is Angola Algeria Canary islands (Spain)Ceuta Egypt Libya Madeira Melilla Morocco Sudan Tunisia Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia these are there languages Arabic,Somali,berber,amharic,oromo,swahili,hausa,igbo,fulani and yoruba Haye means hello and this مرحبًا / سلام word means hello as well to. Hallo, goeie means hello in africa. here are some foods they eat but only five fruits,vegetables.milk,meat,zebra and green bananas.There is not much water there because it’s a dry place the place has the second most population in the world there.
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