Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cross Country 2014

Have you ever been in cross country.? on the thursday  the 11 and years 4 boys walked  up to the starting line I felt ner ous then Mr Burt hit the clappers.  I started sprinting  I  was coming first when i got up to the middle part   

was the part where  Miss then i slowed down. then i started jogging and  Russell got passed me.I was running with sekita when I caught up to Mr Somerville I started sprinting again. Then heaps of mud got   covered

into my toes when I got close to the finish line I started jogging i.Was so tired then I saw my mum   came  and went with her to have a seat. After my mum left i went to have a seat on the

Hard court with the other children it was boring watching the other races “I just wanted go home”I  was watching the other races with my mum. When  cross country was finished  i was happy so i can go home and play games.The house colours were Tanui (blue), Te arawa (red), Mataatua (green) and

Takitimu (yellow) and the winner was Takitimu (yellow)
the part that i  enjoyed was racing the part that i did not enjoyed was waiting for the other races to finish .i hope the next cross country i could come first

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