Friday, 17 June 2016

Will he save her

Your Thoughts and Answers:
Are you using the picture as the beginning or ending of your story?
Kidnight & KidDay
Shadow Ninja
Other Characters (if any):
Knightman Vanillaman  Astroman  Laserman  Stormman  Weirdo Man Daggerman  Kick-Ass Bad-Ass Deadman Thingman Hookman
This girl is about to die and it’s up to Kidnight  to save her

f beginning, what could happen next?

If ending, what happened before this scene?

Start Writing Here:
One day in the night there’s this kid his name is KidNight. He’s a kid 5 foot tall his name is  Josh tWeirdo Weirdo I know you are

His name is Kidnight cause he’s used to saving in the night not daytime but with his partner in crime KidDay he is like KidNight but used to both so he is good at saving at daytime’s and nighttimes but KidNight is way better. So that completes the team but they also have a scientist helper his name is Professor Joseph he makes weapons & also made the vehicles I saved the best for last he also makes the suits It is so cool. KidNight &  KidDay went to go then he saved the day the end

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