Friday, 24 June 2016

Paul martin Visit

On 22th Wednesday 2016 a special person came here to this school his name was Paul Martin if you don’t know him type up his name.Did you know that he used to play for the waikato cheifs years ago. His 2 passions is Rugby & Drawing, His first creation was Inspector Gilbert, His book is also 30 dollars.
Finally he came I had to go on reading eggs I kinda get bored doing it. Mister Sommerville called out for us to come down on the mat. Hours later he came into our class to give us some useful tips then he told us to have a go at drawing, But Mister Sommerville said “you only can draw using your imagination not your chromebooks” I thought it would be hard but it  turned out to be easy, I thought I wouldn’t think of anything but I did The End

WALT: We were learning about sketching and paul gave us  tips 

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