Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Life Education caravan

Hi my name is Jonathon have you been to the life education caravan? well me and my class walked down to the life education caravan it was next to the bathroom our life education teacher was Miss Lynn. she told all about that helps our body grow and keep it safe only 5 things water,food,energy,sleep,oxygen Then she told us to buddy up me David,Tavake,Akosita,Machalle our people’s food is otai-watermelon fish and thats all when it was our turn to go up we told everything our people eat. and these are the systems nervous system and digestive system. after that Tam the plastic dummy came “EEEWWW” Half of her body was cuted of then she explained all about her liver it was cool when the light was of. It was gross because she did not have clothes on i didn't giggle. i can’t wait until next time in the life education caravan.

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