Friday, 14 October 2016


On October 14th Point england school had olympics. I woke up got out of my bed and went to get ready for school I didn’t actually knew that olympics was today I forgot about the olympics. I arrived at school came out of my mums van and dropped my brother off then I saw chairs I didn’t know what was happening so I just went to my class said goodbye to my mum then went off.

The time was like 8:45 but no one was playing around I thought that was strange when I was inside my classroom then I see my home class all sitting on the mat so I asked Miss Lavakula what is happening today she said “Today is Olympics,” Yes I thought in my head. she told us what sports in there there was Tug of war,Scatterball,Volleyball,Football,Dodgeball and Handball
So I asked what team I was in and she said “Ireland A,” so we got ready and went to the hard court.

We all sat down in our lines and waited for Mr Burt to tell us the rules and also there were other teams then Ireland like Japan,SA (South africa),Brazil,Canada and Fiji most of my friends were in Fiji so when Mr Burt talked to us we got ready to go do a sport. First we did soccer we vs Ireland B on soccer so we went to Point england reserve then Miss barry told us to go hard.

WRRR PP as the whistle blows we got the ball and we scored the ball first the Mr Moran made two goals and two balls I got scores so after then we lost but we were winning the end finished

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