Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Jonathon Immersion Assembly

The Immersion assembly was at the Point England School hall at 8:50.  On Monday the 25th of July PES students  attended it  because it was the first day of term 3.

On Monday 26th of July was the first day of term 3. I woke up and went out of my bed and did all  need to do.Then I arrived at school. I went out of my van then walked all the way to the hall then I saw Hone so I walked with him.

Later after that we were watching movies. Mr Burt said “now it’s time for team 1” so we all had to watch the movie I think team 1 was learning about healthy foods they also talked about don’t drink sport drinks I don’t know why they called sport drinks for a reason, then they talked about drink lots of water and get a lot of rest.

“It’s time for team 2” said Mr burt then we watched it but I don’t know what they were learning. “It’s time for team 3” said Mr Burt.

Then finally team 4 I think we were going to be learning about athletes.


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