Friday, 12 February 2016

Duffy theatre

On the 9th of Feb I was doing my work. Later after lunchtime I packed up put the bags on the blue area and lined up in my Home class I was really excited because last year it was funny and I was expecting to be funny this year.

  • When we got there it seems like we got here first I went in the front row. Nooo the year 5’s  were in the way I couldn’t see that much but then the actors seem to came out they told us we can go in the middle so we can get a better view and because they. then he asked us one question.

“Who knows how to the nae nae” people's hand started going up then Duffy picked a person his name was Jonathan he was my cousins we almost had the same name Jonathon was my name his was Jonathan he had a a i had a o. Peopled said to me to come up so it can be Jonathon versus Jonathan.

I couldn’t do it I was shy and nervous after that they started the show I thinked it was about helping their neighbor Ruby the end.

I liked the part when they were doing the nae nae I expecting next year  
to be cool.

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