Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Trip to Art Gallery

Have you been to the art galley well me and my class went to the art gallery i will yell you 4 ideas.When we got to art gallery we were too early so we had to wait until it is 10 am when it was 10 am we came inside we went to the studios first but that was boring.

Then we went to morning tea after that we had a little play.Then we went all the way up and we played on the lego me and Russell  were playing Call of duty black ops zombies but the guns were just lego.after that that me thaisoni went with John because we were mucking around John was taking us around to see stuff. We went to the maori painting and some of it was rude. Then we went to have some  lunch.After that me and Russell were dancing in the big screen me Russell and Hosea was dancing  heaps of times then we were fake fighting.After that we went to see some more photos and we were talking about it. We went back in the bus we went back to school.My favorite part that i enjoyed was dancing with Russell the part that i did not enjoyed was the studio

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