Thursday, 27 November 2014

Athletics 2014

On Friday the year 4 boys gathered up on the hard courts . Then Miss Va'afusuaga dismiss us and  the rest of the school said the karakia before we play the games. Our teacher that took us  is Miss Walters.

We walked over to high jump Miss King was in charge. She told us everything we need to know before we play high jump.She told us to get into 4 lines and told  our group went first. When It was my turn I  went over then it was getting higher and higher when we finished we went to sprints.

In sprints Mr Burt told us to get in lanes then he said “Ready set go” i started running towards Miss Flavel i think I came first.We had to run again so we got back in our groups Mr Burt said “ready set go”. I  was running but this time I  see Russell in the corner of my eye  catching up to me.Miss Flavel said we have to run again but this time I Think this is the last one i started running and i came first then we went to discuss.

When we got to discuss it was boring I did not like it  javelin but i did not like that one either.

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