Monday, 5 September 2016

Hiwi the kiwi

On a sunny day I brought 2 people that was my friends to fishing. I got out of my mansion then called my friends. Then I went in my Lamborghini to pick them up, I arrived at their houses picked up Tolati then went to pick up Jaxson (14 minutes later) I arrive at Jaxson’s house to pick him up.

Then we went to Exmouth WA to fish their. We saw a couple of bird going in circles so Tolati searched up in Woogle and it says it means that there are a lot of fish in that area. So me and Tolati & Jaxson got out my water blaster then shot the birds. They were so scared they left then we got out our flash fishing rods.
Then we fished I got a King snapper fish but it was a small one so I had to measure it and it was to small It has to be a 40 centimeter fish I got a 20 centimeter fish.Then we saw the biggest fish in the world I went to go get it and I did get it. It was way over the measure ruler so that means I can take it home I didn’t take photos of it because people are gonna ask for it.

Then I got back in my flash car then went into my mansion then cooked it in my oven  

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