Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion assembly

On Monday 2nd of May we had a immersion assembly. I was late I came in and I see a whole bunch of people in the hall. So I went to go sit with my class.The topic for this term is “as i see it.”

After that we watched the other team’s videos.Team 1 was talking about favorite things.Team 2 was talking about seasons.Team 3 was talking about building.Team 5 was talking about the 4 waka’s.

Then It was team 4’s turn.The movie was called “Teacher Vengers.” There was this evil bear his name was Bear Baxendine.Bear Baxendine was climbing into the window looking for a netbook. “Hahahaha Bobby Jon’s chromebook would do good” said Bear Baxendine.Outside Bear Baxendine went then the amutear hero’s go and try and save the day but they underestimated Bear Baxendine.Pow! Boof! Ka Pow!. The amutear heros were deafeated and captured.
Then suddenly Teacher Avengers finally came. There names were Wondering Woman Bat guy and Team Leader America.Bat guy said “Go get Bax i’ll save them” Wondering Woman and Team Leader America said “On it”
Pow Boof!.Bat guy came in KA POW!. then it was prison time for Bear Baxendine. The end.

My favorite part was when we watched Team 4’s presentation. The less part I liked was when Team 1’s movie came on it was boring for me but I can be cool for other people

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