Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to be a successful point englander

Introduction: Do you know how to be a successful point england student? i will tell you 3 ideas how to be a successful student. if a person is being mean walk away,ignore it,tell a teacher thats using your WITS

p2 respect the teachers and others
if you don’t respect the teachers they will sometimes send you to another classroom or outside  but the worst is at detention thats why you
always need to respect all the teachers.

p3 take care of each other
Always take care of people means that you never play any bad games like fighting if there fighting you walk away,ignore it and talk about it or tell an adult. example: if you play bad games like fighting you could hurt them and make them cry and you might get in trouble or you could just say sorry

p4 use your manners

always use your manners if you want something and you don’t say please  they won’t give what you want if you say please and they will give you what you want then you say thank you thats using your manners.

p5 why is it important to be successful

It is important to be a successful because being successful is being nice,using your manners,do your best work,respecting teachers and others and using your WITS

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