Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Weekend

On Friday
my dad was buying a new van for my mum. I was excited because  we have 1 car and a new van so my dad haves our old car so my mum said on the weekend we will have our new van so we went home.

When we have dinner We watched a movie called batman begin.  When we watched all  of the movie I went to sleep. I was so happy that we were.Getting our new new van tomorrow. the next day i waked up and went to make my breakfast  and  after i finished my break fast i went to brush my teeth with my new toothbrush.

When i finished cleaning my teeth i went in to the shower and then after that I dried up myself and got some clothes on.  After i finished putting some clothes on and i opened my mum and. dads bedroom and i said “mummy daddy  wake up! let go and get the new van!!!”  so my mum went for a bath with my 2 brothers and dad was the last  one to shower so when everyone showered  we went to get the van.


  1. It's so good to read that you are getting a new van for the new baby, Jonathon. Great writing!

  2. Hi son, how are you doing? Keep up the Good Work, n look after your notebook eeh!